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Henry or Dyson?
Cleaning Blog Launched for Milton Keynes


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Henry or Dyson?

We are often asked by clients to recommend vacuum cleaners (Hoover is the brand name, not actually the item name!). I 'swear by' Henrys and have found Dysons to be a bit 'plastic' and not as rugged as the good old Henry. I imagine this is a bit of an 'each to their own' discussiuon, but thoughts and comments welcome, as it may well help other people decide.

Cleaning Blog Launched for Milton Keynes

Welcome to our blog.
The idea of the blog on our cleaning site is to be able to share cleaning hints and tips, special offers, invite opinions and let you know what we've been up to in the world of cleaning in Milton Keynes!
You may have noticed that we've recently added Video Testimonials to the site and this is something we plan to build on - 'real' testimonials from 'real' clients.
Please add comments for any ideas or requests you'd like to see on the site.